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  1. natural-earth-updates Natural Earth 2.0 available for download
    Sent November 14th 2012

    Hello Natural Earth subscriber, We’re proud to announce the immediate availability of Natural Earth 2.0.0! The 2.0.0 release focuses on 7 major areas and is available to download today à la carte at http://NaturalEarthData.com. 1. Economic geogr...

  2. natural-earth-updates Celebrate Natural Earth's 2 year birthday + enjoy new data (soon)
    Sent March 13th 2012

    Hello from Natural Earth HQ! Two items in this update: 1. NATURAL EARTH TURNS 2! 2. NEW VERSION 1.5 DATA, soon Natural Earth turned 2 with the new year and we're having a belated happy hour to celebrate this Friday in San Francisco, California. Since ...

  3. natural-earth-updates Natural Earth version 1.4 released
    Sent August 19th 2011

    Hello, Read the full change list and download the data: http://kelso.it/x/ne1d4 Natural Earth has been downloaded more than 250,000 times and is closing in on 1 million page views since launching in the final month of 2009. Thanks! Over 65 files have c...

  4. natural-earth-updates Does your city have a nickname?
    Sent August 17th 2011

    Dear Natural Earth fan, I’m collecting nicknames for big cities, want to help? From the Windy City (Chicago) to Hotlanta (Atlanta), LND (London) to SF (San Francisco). We should be able to type these nicknames into a place search and have the right resul...

  5. natural-earth-updates New Cross Blended Hypso without Shaded Relief
    Sent October 25th 2010

    Due to popular demand, a new version of the Cross Blended Hypsometric Tints is available without relief shading. This allows the image to be used at scales other than 1:10M. The cartographer can then mix in their own scale appropriate relief shading. The...

  6. natural-earth-updates Natural Earth version 1.2 release notes
    Sent May 25th 2010

    Check out the blog post to download the data and see preview images of the data. http://www.naturalearthdata.com/blog/miscellaneous/natural-earth-version-1-2-release-notes/ This update introduces supplementary hydrography features in North America and Eu...

  7. Natural Earth: Download Version 1.1 and Release Notes
    Sent March 1st 2010

    Three months after our initial release, we've made 100s of changes to more than 60 files and are pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 1.1 of Natural Earth. Read all about it and download a ZIP archive with the changed files: http://...


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