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    in 10m-populated-places there are two fields “Latitude1” and “Long”. They have the same values as in the geographic coordinates between 9.99W and 9.99E. But outside this range the “Long”-Field has only one integral part.


    Paris (2.333324209712162 48.86670975084207) -> Long=2.33333

    Istanbul (29.009990469584508 41.105012973467275) -> Long=2.90099

    Tokyo (139.751396313126463 35.685033725398718) -> Long=1.39751

    Los Angeles (-118.179991627358476 33.989995069792975) -> Long=-1.18180

    Did I misunderstand the meaning of “Long” or is it a failure?

    Max (and thanks a lot for sharing these data…)



    Hey Max. Yes, I’m seeing the same error. Latitude1 = latitude (y location). It appears that Long (longitude or x location) became corrupted in final GIS processing. Good news is that the data points are correctly located, they just have the wrong attribute value. I’ll fix that for 1.1 update (field name and attribute values). Thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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