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    The reason I am here is long winded please bare with me.

    I am a simple bookkeeper with no training or understanding about computer programming, although I am reading books to attempt to learn what I need to know.

    I have a dual boot Pentium 2 with winxp and Ubuntu 10.04

    My 3 year old son and I enjoy playing an open source strategy game

    It is a little outdated and there seems to be no interest in advancing the game.

    I decided to attempt the task.

    The game currently has a 2d playing surface which I feel would benefit with a 3d upgrade.

    I am exploring terrain engines…delta 3d,demeter,openscenegraph, maptiler, and tilemill

    To be honest I have had a lot of problems getting delta3d and opensourcegraph to compile on winxp so I believe I will give up on that path, I really do not need to create “new” terrain for every game.

    What I do want is the world which can be zoomed to “street” level without the streets and with topographical items…mountains, streams, lakes.

    I found this site and thought that the…Cross Blended Hypso with Shaded Relief, Water, and Drainages…data would work so I downloaded… but when I loaded the HYP_HR_SR_W_DR.tif into maptiler I got a google maps style world map which I could zoom to street level and find my intersection…I am not having any better luck with tilemill.

    So, could some one be nice enough to explain what I am doing wrong or suggest a better program for getting the desired map into my game field.

    Thank you,


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