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    Hello all,

    I’m a lay person who collects maps and has attempted basic cartography, but has no training since the GIS revolution. I am working with a colleague who has some GIS skills, on a project making unique maps of Sudan and the region based on GPS data for small towns and little known events that I have collected.

    To start, I need to find some open licence or CC licence source for maps available for free online, that provides physical maps that include latitude and longitude measurements, to the 1/2 degree if possible. Is Google Earth really the only source? Are there others??

    My preference is for basic maps with no names, but with national political boundaries, and topographic info like bodies of water, climate zones. Satellite images would be ideal.

    Any and all help you could offer would be fabulous! THANK YOU!

    d green




    @DGreen. Yes, the Natural Earth data will get the job done for you and is one good alternative to Google Earth. But you’ll need to use an app like QGIS to load the data into and composite the layers. You’ll be able to make a map of Sudan approximately 11×17 inches (tabloid size), including generalized “satellite” imagery. You could also pay a Google Earth Pro license fee and get usage rights for the satellite imagery if you already find that app easy to use. If you need setup help, someone at Cartotalk.com could be hired.



    Thank you VERY much for your reply, Nathaniel!

    Is there any way of finding an appropriate individual on Cartotalk who would:

    A – be willing to consider reduced fee for a grad student / indie filmmaker such as myself, and;

    B – perhaps have some familiarity with / interest in Africa in particular?

    … perhaps you could recommend someone?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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