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    I’m a history eacher, and NE II is just the perfect tool for making historical maps. You guys have done a great job!! But I’mmore comfortablewith the Yi Jing or the Kabbalah than with GIS. Could someone please point me to an easy tutorial on how I use the ArcGIS project raster command to reprojectNE II 10m raster data? I’ve tried every which way, and I can’t get the poles to meet, hence can’t make a global projection like Goodes Homolosine. Because the NE II data is not spherical?

    Thanks in advance your advice.



    Forgot to add, your temporary GeoTIFF file at reprojects fine. Forgive me if I can’t find a GeoTIFF of Natural Earth 2 with water features and drainage basins. Any pointers?



    @Pstead: Glad you like the project, thanks! You can find the Natural Earth II raster imagery with water and drainage features burned into single file here: It looks like that file has a small naming bug, though. Rename the .twf.txt so it looses the .txt part leaving just “NE2_LR_LC_SR_W_DR.tfw”. After you rename it, then import into ArcMap or you GIS of choice. You’ll need to define the projection, and then you can reproject.

    Searching on Google for “set dataframe projection arcmap” will turn up some good tutorials on defining a projection (in this case Geographic WGS84) and reprojecting in ArcMap and using Toolbox.

    Note: because of some ArcMap weirdness, you may need to relaunch your ArcMap instance and NOT calculate image pyramids to see the projection change with the imagery.



    Thanks for the advice. Alas, my arcMap 9.3 crashes every time it tries to read the tfw file, whether I prioritize the tfw or not(in tools, options, raster, use world file). The geotiff file you posted reprojects so easily, just following all the defaults. By any chance do you have a geotiff of NE II, 10m, large size, with water and drainage basins? Or NE I, 10m, large size, with water and drainage basins? Thanks again for your help, much appreciated by a newb.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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