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    I’ve downloaded 10m_admin_0_countries containig country borders.

    Then I converted it to KML by shp2kml (http://www.zonums.com/shp2kml.html) and compared

    with satellite.


    As you can see at the image – there are little offset between google and Natural Earth data. What is the reason? maybe datum?



    Natural Earth is 99% accurate for the low-precession it aspires to. This is meant to be a general world dataset. When you zoom into country boundaries in Google Earth you’re going 100x the intended display resolution of this dataset.



    At the screenshot the blue filled polygon is NaturalEarth data. The Yellow line is Google Earth, the Light blue line is Wikimapia.

    I want to say that all (almost all) polygons from NaturalEarth are shifted to the west at about 3km, and to the south at about 1km.

    I think that this inaccuracy comes not from zoom, but from datum. It must be a WGS84.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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