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    With different GIS software, I’m able to put Admin 0 – Countries on top of NE2. However, I have yet to find any software that allows me to export a TIF (or PNG) with the full resolution of NE2 at 21600 x 10800.

    I tried several open source software, but I can’t seem to get (or find) that option allowing me to do this.

    Any suggestions?



    If it helps anyone, here’s how I was able to solve this:

    – I used Quantum GIS to export Admin 0 – Countries as a PDF

    – I opened up NE2 in Photoshop and placed the PDF file

    – I lowered the opacity of the PDF layer and selected darken as the blending mode

    – I aligned each corner of the PDF with NE2. This took a while to get everything pixel perfect, but the result is satisfying.

    I now have a beautiful bitmap of NE2 in its full resolution glory with countries overlaid.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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