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    How can I configure my GIS server such as it uses a different layer depending on the zoom level (scale rank) ?

    For example, with the rivers shapefiles (1:110, 1:50, 1:10) with a NE_1 background. I want to have the 1:110 rivers layer when I am viewing the whole earth and when zooming, I want it to use the 1:50 and then the 1:10 layer. How to do that ?

    I am using GeoServer and OpenLayers.



    See this post for web map scale:

    Keep in mind the normal zoom levels on the web skip 1:50 million scale, but that is included as an integer rank in Natural Earth, so offset accordingly from there on.

    Then you’ll want to use properties like:

    maxResolution {Float} Default max is 360 deg / 256 px, which corresponds to zoom level 0 on gmaps.

    minResolution {Float}

    numZoomLevels {Integer}

    minScale {Float}

    maxScale {Float}

    Which are from here:

    I haven’t done it myself, good luck and please report back.



    Ok, indeed it’s on the client side that the work has to be done. I thought (hoped) that such a configuration could be done on GeoServer but apparently not.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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