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    I’m trying to understand the attributes in the 10m-cultural-vectors/10m-admin-1-states-provinces shapefile.  Essentially, what I’m looking for is a standard code that I can use to join a feature to other data sources, so I figured adm1_code might be a good place to start.  The trouble is, I can’t tell what kind of code this is – is it an ISO code?  It looks like the 3-character ISO variant followed by whatever’s in the diss_me column.  So what is diss_me?  Let’s take Baghlan province in Afghanistan as an example.  The ISO-3166-2 code is AF-BGL, as far as I can tell.  adm1_code from the shapefile is AFG-1766.  diss_me is 1766.  HASC is AF.BL.  Geonames, by the way, has it listed under AF.03. Thoughts?

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