Help needed on applying colormap to Natural earth 2 raster in QGIS

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    I am trying to create a topographic map of southern India in which the physical features such as mountains are highlighted prominently.My final aim is to show the strategic passes amongst the mountain ranges in the south of India,so that the movement of armies and historical commerical/trading routes can be shown.

    I downloaded the raster data for Natural earth II- with Shaded Relief, Water, and Drainages from

    I am using QGIS.

    I tried to change the color scheme on the raster map I downloaded from Naturalearth to make the peaks and mountain ranges prominent,but got completely lost in trying to change the color map. When I apply the custom palette as per wikipedias specifications ( the entire natural eart raster goes a shade of olive green.

    I am trying to achive a look like this map:

    I am perfectly fine usnig inkscape to add the final touches,but have no clue on how to go forward with the GIS part of the project.Do I need to download any other files ( shaded relief/vector/raster) and then pile them on as layers? Or can anyone suggest a more suitable color scheme?

    The mountain ranges I am looking to highlight are the western ghats ( average elevation 1200m,highest point is 2695m) on the west coast of India,eastern ghats (highest point 1690m) and the cardomom hills.

    any inputs will be gratefully appreciated.



    @Jambudveep: If the Natural Earth raster doesn’t work for you out of the box, you’ll need to start with a DEM (DTM), which is not provided here. Do a web search for your country or use of the SRTM 1 km products.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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