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Populated Places

City and town points, from Tokyo to Wasilla, Cairo to Kandahar
About Point symbols with name attributes. Includes all admin-0 and many admin-1 capitals, major cities and towns, plus a sampling of smaller towns in sparsely inhabited regions. We favor regional significance over population census in determining our selection of places. Use the scale rankings to filter the number of towns that appear on your map.

LandScan derived population estimates are provided for 90% of our cities. Those lacking population estimates are often in sparsely inhabited areas. We provide a range of population values that account for the total “metropolitan” population rather than it’s administrative boundary population. Use the PopMax column to size your town labels.



Use the following selection statement to derive this theme from the 10m populated places:

“SCALERANK” <= 4 Or "FEATURECLA" = 'Admin-0 capital' Or "FEATURECLA" = 'Admin-0 capital alt' Or "FEATURECLA" = 'Admin-0 region capital' Or "FEATURECLA" = 'Admin-1 region capital' Or "FEATURECLA" = 'Scientific station'


While we don’t want to show every admin-1 capital, for those countries where we show most admin-1 capitals, we should have a complete set. If you find we are missing one, please log it in the Cx tool at right.

Version History

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