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Admin 1 – States, provinces

Internal administrative boundaries.



Internal, first-order administrative boundaries and polygons for just the United States and Canada at this time. For more detailed breakdowns for most countries in the world, see 10m admin-1. Boundary lines do not duplicate each other. Boundary lines are only present on internal boundaries (not coastlines or admin-0 boundaries).


Use the following selection statement to derive this theme from the 50m lakes:

“ScaleRank” <=0 Then punch those selected features through the 50m admin-1 and save result as a new feature class. Issues

All countries with 10m admin-1 with scale ranks 1 to 5 should be present in this file. Currently only the United States and Canada are represented.

Boundaries should perfectly match the following 50m NEV themes:

Coastline, lake shoreline, admin-0 country boundary, river and lake centerlines.

Version History

The master changelog is available on Github »