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Admin 1 – States, Provinces

Internal administrative boundaries.



NOTE: This theme is still in beta!

Internal, first-order administrative boundaries and polygons for all but a few tiny countries. Includes name attributes (including diacritical marks), name variants, and some statistical codes (FIPS, ISO, HASC).

Looking for Cyrillic or Chinese characters? The GeoDB format preserves local scripts better than SHP format.

Admin-0 units that lack admin-1:

Antarctica, some disputed areas, tiny island nations, and principalities such as Monaco, Andorra, Liechtenstein, and San Marino.


Use the following selection statement to derive this theme from the 10m lakes:

“ScaleRank” <=2 Then punch those selected features through the admin-1 and save result as a new feature class. Issues

This is the toughest dataset to keep current. Unlike the United States, other countries constantly rearrange their admin-1 units, slicing and combining them on a regular basis.

We need help making sure our statistical codes are correct if they are present and about half the dataset needs them added, still.

Just a few admin-1 units lack a name. For names we are unsure about, those are flagged as an attribute.

A separate version should be created for “region” groupings of admin-1. Many countries, like France, include top level regions and departments, both as admin-1 ranking. If we only have their “region” admin-1, the department version needs to be digitized.

Boundaries should perfectly match the following NEV themes:

Coastline, lake shoreline, admin-0 country boundary, river and lake centerlines.

Some boundaries in Brazil, north Africa, and central Asia do not have enough data points on straight line segments. This is a concern when reprojecting the data. This is planned to be corrected in a 1.1 update.


Version History

The master changelog is available on Github »