Data themes are available in three levels of detail. For each scale, themes are listed on Cultural, Physical, and Raster category pages.

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Large scale data, 1:10m


Cultural Physical Raster

The most detailed. Suitable for making zoomed-in maps of countries and regions. Show the world on a large wall poster.

1″ = 158 miles
1 cm = 100 km

Medium scale data, 1:50m


Cultural Physical Raster

Suitable for making zoomed-out maps of countries and regions. Show the world on a tabloid size page.

1″ = 790 miles
1 cm = 500 km

Small scale data, 1:110m


Cultural Physical

Suitable for schematic maps of the world on a postcard or as a small locator globe.

1″ = 1,736 miles
1 cm = 1,100 km